Flambant Boeuf is your grill restaurant with a wood fire, carefully prepared to deliver you the maximum taste possible. Our restaurant has a beautiful natural stone facade that will charm you upon your arrival, as a taste of your coming delicious meal.

The story of Flambant Boeuf is simple. Everything starts with an idea, a wish rooted for years deep within us, deep inside our soul : the desire to perpetuate an old tradition, that of preserving a commercial activity in this beautiful stone building of the country, trade place since 1875.

This attachment is reflected in our dishes, in the simplicity and the warm atmosphere of our restaurant. In addition, to ensure you always sweet and tasty preparations, we work in short circuit with local meat (Mons meat, Sprimont pirard). Because our conception of grilling, at Flambant Boeuf, is different from that of ordinary breweries : we do not cook it, we celebrate it, with love and passion.